New York Comic Con!

IMG_0175Spent the day amongst the teeming hordes at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, attending the very well run New York Comic Con. Didn’t get into any of the big panels, but I did get to sit in Ivy Doomkitty’s panel on body image in cosplay, which is always a great conversation. I also ran into one of my new favorite artists, who I met at C2E2 earlier this year, Sarah Wilkinson, and picked up a new sketch! I spied Nen working on a new watercolor piece as well, but unless I sell both kidneys, I probably can’t afford it.

FlatironI ducked out of the convention mid-afternoon and spent it traversing lower Manhattan, exploring the city and getting in some street photography, something I haven’t done nearly enough of lately. During the course of this adventure, I made the mistake of wandering into a camera store, because it was there, and inadvertently sparked an argument between two salesmen over whose customer I was. It was loud and awkward and embarrassing.

I didn’t buy anything.

But I did find my next tripod, maybe. Carbon fiber. Very light.