A gentle reminder in this crazy, opinionated world.

Never be intimidated by someone else’s hardware, or opinion, and never think that yours is in anyway inferior. Slow down, be thoughtful. It’s ok to be wrong, or new, or inexperienced; the whole point of life is to learn something.

It doesn’t matter what you’re shooting with, it only matters that it’s yours. You don’t need to be a ‘pro’ to be a ‘photographer’. No one else in the entire universe sees what you do, from where you stand, from when you are. The rest is just a matter of creativity, practice, and patience. I often quote Henri Cartier-Bresson on this point: “Your first 10,000 photos are the worst.” And my explanation as to why: The first 5,000, you’re getting to know your camera. The next 5,000, you’re getting to know yourself. Every shot after that is just another step in your exploration of you and the world around you. Some cultures believe that a photograph captures something of your subject’s soul. Hopefully they capture a little bit of yours, too.

I move through a world filled with beauty, even on the darkest, cloudiest day. It’ll be what you want it to be. Slow down. Move deliberately. Live consciously. You’ll know what I’m talking about the instant you see it.